Thermas Lagoa

82% love it
A clean place to pick up the best
Brothel full of straight-looking and hunky rentboys (red ribbons) and the men who love them (black ribbons). Prices range from 50 reals (locals) to 80 (tourists). They can be sometimes pushy, especially on busy nights like Wednesdays and Fridays, so make sure you stand your ground.


    • befree
      befree Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A must see when in town.
      So many lines have been written about this place. At first I was avoiding it until a local friend took me there and what I discovered was a surrealistic place, since I have never been in a bathhouse with garotos before. Entry fee 60 BRL is a little expensive, given that it doesn't include a drink. Drinks are what you would pay in a club. Some might say too expensive but 8,50 BRL for a local beer are barely 3 EUR. Staff is friendly and the place is clean. You have people tidying up the place constantly. Regarding the boys, every taste is covered I think. A lot of nice looking guys that are there for the cash and know how to get it. Avoid the pumped up muscled ones because they are mainly expensive and not worth it. Boys start by finding out if you are a gringo. If they ask you to pay them a drink, just go for it. There kindness is worth it. They don't get too pushy and if, gently send them off. The place has security guards and if you get in trouble with a boy (yes, can happen!!), don't hesitate to involve them. If you are in your right and you can prove that a boy treated you bad, he will get expelled for three month. Locker rooms are safe, separated ones for customers where boys are not allowed access. Rooms just do for their purpose, not too expensive. I recommend a suite with bathroom, one hour comes less than twice 30 minutes a normal room. Sheets are changed after every visit. Best time is around 6 PM. Sundays are busy, Tuesdays are with Bingo. A must see! They have some masseur but I would not recommend them. Only thing that might disadvantage some gringo: Nothing else than Portuguese spoken in there. If you don't manage the essential, you'll feel lost. All in one a very nice place where you can have fun and get it off for some cash. I have been there a few times during my last stays in São Paulo and would definitely go back. Enjoy and any trouble, tell Santos. He is in charge for security and cares about your safety and good time while there.

    • rogerio_sampa
      rogerio_sampa Over a year ago
      Loves it

      If you like paying for pleasure, you'll find lots of options.

    • Studulike
      Studulike Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Another dirty hole with mould in the suites
      If this is one of the best in the world I will eat my hat and my own ass as well. 90% of the boys "ha ha" should be on a retirement plan by now. The oy were more friendly here but you have to work it past a certain age. In no rush to return or to Sao Paulo..... Too big a city with everything too spread out. VIVA RIO the boys know there job and why they are there.

    • rmr
      rmr Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice atmosphere
      Besides from the possibility of good sex with rent-boys this is a nice sauna with a good atmosphere. The evening I was there there was karaoke and bingo, where both rent-boys and customers participate. Maybe this sounds odd, but it was very amusing. Afterwards both rent-boys and guests lined up in a queue for a free portion of pasta. This meant that even though there were indeed some costs for this sauna visit, I got both sex, an amusing evening and I saved money that I would otherwise have put on visiting a restaurant :-)

    • spvisitor
      spvisitor Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Before going to Lagoa I made sure to research every site possible for information about it...which was a smart move. A few things to note: This is a whorehouse - not a typical sauna. They have some of the hottest men you could imagine of all types. Young lean guys, hairy muscle guys, masculine straight but gay-for-pay guys YOU NAME IT. But you will be paying for any sex here - this is NOT a sauna where you hook up with someone you meet. So, the scam, as I read it from others is that while you are in the room upstairs with your new found adonis, the management goes in your locker and steals things from you that you might not need or notice are missing. Well, this was close to what happened. I arrived, got my towel and sandles, stripped, toweled up and put all my belongings in my locker and took my key (on the rubber ring for your wrist) and headed to check out the goods. It was a pretty decent night (it seemed) with at least 15 very attractive guys offering their services around the sauna. There were plenty more in the rooms I am sure. I followed the reviews and made sure to check around and see guys before choosing - standing firm. BUT, a lot of the guys were not showering for you to see their goods first. Several very sweet seeming guys (even hookers can be sweet in personality in brazil it seems) would touch me, ask me questions, some in broken english even. There were the usual dark skin, dark hair guys and even a few blonde-ish guys there. I saw a few guys already with other men who would have been exactly what I wanted - but as I said, they were with others. So, I checked out a few guys, waited for any new ones to come down stairs, and finally picked a very sexy, lean, muscled, arm tatt'd beauty of a guy. He was about 22-23 years old and his body was sheer perfection. His tight little ass made me quiver - but here they are mostly STRAIGHT for real and only gay for pay. In Brazil, it seems the guys can look on kissing, oral etc as not being gay, but getting fucked is being gay. So, they mostly only top if they are straight. My guy was straight, because that is what I wanted. He wasn't wearing a towel like many others but was in jeans and sneakers. I think he had done a show earlier and it was his outfit. It was HOT. I could tell he was ACTING sweet and was not as generally sweet as another guy I met when I first arrived. But, he was so hot I let my lust get a hold of me and after a while I agreed with him on 80 Reais. He originally wanted 100 reais, so I walked away and later showed him the paper with $80 R on it - they have the paper available for you to use by the locker room area since many times they try to say dollars later - not Reais. So, he got us a room, I pointed to the sign for the $20 R room and he said yes, that room size. Well, turned out at check out this was not a $20 R room, but a $40 room. This was clearly because he wanted the straight porn to watch which is in the more expensive room. So, as we got to the room, he acted as though he forgot something and said he would be back in 2 minutes. He then RAN downstairs, got the key for my locker FROM THE FRONT DESK, opened it, took out my pants, went through my money and took the extra $20 that I had cut off his original price. Then, he ran back upstairs, came in the room, and began to strip. He wouldn't stand on the floor - so I didn't either lol - He only put his feet on the bed - glad to know he is so clean! So, he talked a good game downstairs. But, hey - he was hot and straight so ok. His body was AMAZING so i licked it and sucked it all over - his chest - hit butt (not his hole thank you) his arms, his pits, his neck (which he really liked). He then headed us to the shower in the room - cleaned himself up while i rubbed his sexy hairy tight little ass - sheer perfection - and then we dressed and before heading down he tried to tell me that I needed to pay him his $80 for the sex and then $20 more because he paid the room cost. Well, I knew something was up since he ran downstairs so when I went to my locker to get the money I slowly dressed as he stood a at the door and i counted my money in my pocket. I realized that $20 Reais was missing because I brought an exact amount of what I would spend only - plus an extra $20. I also have a tiny pocked under the belt in my jeans that I slipped a $50 into because I knew someone wouldn't find it and in case something happened I had some cash. And clearly he didn't find it looking so fast. So, I realized what they did and after dressing I walked the few feet to him and gave him his $80 and then said hold on while I get change from the desk. I then went and paid my bill for entrance and the room - which is when I found out that he got a more expensive room - and in fact DID NOT PAY the $20 for the room as he said and he had us in a $40 room instead of a $20 room. So, I asked the counter guy about the price - he said in portuguese that I should have asked for the room myself - not let the guy get the room key - so I paid the room and entrance fee of $90 (40 plus 40 plus condom costs) bring your own! Then I looked over at the rentboy and said sorry - they charged me the full $40 and I have none left- and I made out 40 in fingers for him and pointed at the front desk guy - he then said "it's ok" and took off. SO - The lesson - they will get their $100 if you give it or if they have to steal it from you. KNOW THIS. Be smart, only take the exact money you need, don't strip to the towel, as I found you can find the guy you want while clothed and take him upstairs that way - you don't have to do the whole towel and flips thing if you don't want to and won't be using the pool and sauna etc. Keep your money on you at all times and don't put anything of value in the lockers. I planned and so I didn't take a cell phone, wallet, credit cards or anything - which was smart clearly even though I was dumb and nieve in other areas. LOL Long story short - he was freaking HOT and I enjoyed our time and it was still worth approximately $100 US for the entire thing even when he stole from me. Read up lots of reviews before you go for more info - and then go and find the hottest boy of your dreams for a fun time - and clearly from what I saw - some other guys (the more gay ones) really get into what they do and provide what seemed to be some pretty hot sex around the sauna. =) Damn me for loving straight boy sex!

    • jnkenan
      jnkenan Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Ok.... Here is the scam. Told to me by a rent boy I got to know from there after I noticed extra charges on my account. The bartender will charge you for extra drinks. (They get a cut) The men behind the counter will steal your credit card number. When you are upstairs, the employees go through your locker (they didn't give you the only key) and take what they think you won't miss. They count on that you won't have the nerve to call the police. The place looks great but be careful. Known to be the most dishonest bathhouses in Sao Paulo.

    • eddwarm
      eddwarm Over a year ago
      Loves it

      HOT! HOT! HOT!
      I've visited Sao Paulo 3Xs during this decade (2000s), and although each visit has been different-- I've truly enjoy going to this sauna with "bois," some of the hottest in Brasil. Go-- do your tour by yourself or with a hot sauna guy in hand- enjoy the ambience-- the atmosphere-- the beat-- the shows-- and of course, those gorgeous big dicked men who are stunning. Read all information in the archives as these two websites: (Type in the name of the sauna in the "Search Area.) Also check out the information at At each of these sites, there is much more information about this sauna as well as others in Brazil. I've been to all of the available saunas (with "guys for rent") in Sao paulo as well as in Rio, and this is one of the best ones here as in the rest of our world!