Wild Thermas Club

100% love it
Looking for a massage?
How about waxing? This bathhouse utilizes its facilities to give more spa services, not just to provide a space for locals and tourists to get kinky.


    • befreel
      befreel Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Massage is worth the place.
      OK, been here several times and in fact there were not that many people in there. Nevertheless, I had a good time. Always! You don't really need to have a packed place, you just need the right ones at the right moment. Tried the massage. The masseur is professional and you can really relax during the session. I also tried the waxing. Good! I had badder ones in more sophisticated places. If you never had an anus waxing, I recommend it. It's quite an experience! It's the same Club where they have the CLUBE DOS PAUZUDOS, which I haven't attempt yet. The place is in a safe area but a little out of hand. I recommend a cab to go there. You have a taxi point just top the street for your way back, so no worries.

    • nadadorSP
      nadadorSP Over a year ago
      Loves it

      nice place but...
      It is clean and nice place. But it is always empty !