Thermas Le Rouge

75% love it
Clean & hustler-free
This place is so clean cut you might think it's an actual sauna. The problem is that, unlike the other thermas in Sao Paulo, hustlers tend not to come her, so you may end up only getting a massage.


    • JulienSorel
      JulienSorel Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I was there on sunday afternoon. A lot of people old, very old and few of them in the thirties.....the sauna is old, dirty and not well maintained . The atmosphere is ugly. The cabins are ugly, duty and cold. It might have been a good place 20 years ago but nowadays it is really something that should be closed........or renewed completely.

    • jbearjim
      jbearjim Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good place
      Went there yesterday and had a good time. A bit difficult to enter as the process is a bit different and no English is spoken. Also no sign on thedoor to let you know that this is the right. Nice, friendly clientele however. It is worth the effort.

    • befreel
      befreel Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A nice cosy place where fun people can be met.
      I went there on a Sunday afternoon and I spend one of the greatest time amongst complete strangers ever. The place looks like every other bathhouse in the world. Do not expect any extravaganza. What made the difference was the people: THEY TALKED!!!!!! Yep, bathhouse goers can speak and if I had any doubt, that was lifted on this afternoon. I had a good time, I had it off several time and I will definitely go back for more. You will find all ages, all attitudes (yep, princesses know this place too) and you'll find it easy to fit in. Try it out, it's worth the entry fee.

    • itamarbrjr
      itamarbrjr Over a year ago
      Loves it

      If you like real sex and real men, that is the place to go! mostly hairy man looking for sex or husbands that like gays doing on them what their wives just dont!! so if u are into some pleasant sex with a macho, go to this place!

    • PapiLindoNY
      PapiLindoNY Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Thermas Le Old and FaT
      Save your R$35 and avoid this place, its full of old geysers. I went there on a Thu afternoon, around 4:30 pm. The good news is that the place was quite crowded, about a 100 people. The place is safe, hustler-free and the staff friendly though they don;t speak english. But that's small consolation, because 95% of the crowd is pale, out of shape and over 50 years old. The admission of R$35 does not justify the price~

    • nw6bear
      nw6bear Over a year ago
      Loves it

      One of the Best Saunas in SP
      A little off-centre, but not far from Paulista Avenue. A large sauna with full facilites and very popular with Brazilians. Busy at weekends and on Thursday when there is free dinner. Some lovely talent in attendance and no hustlers! So who wants hustlers when you can get it for free?