Termas Fragata

37% love it
A sauna/brothel with expensive Brazilian boys
Whereas hustling is frowned upon in most Brazilian saunas, Fragata embraces it. Rent boys galore for the right price.


    • Huspano40
      Huspano40 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Um bordel oferecido como sauna therma gay.
      Foi uma pésima experiência. Este lugar no es um sauna relax como chilli peppers... nem um sex club como upgrade. E um lugar cheio de prostitutos. E so a entrada custou 45 rs. E horrivel. Teria sido bom ler este blog antes de ir la. Uma porquería.

    • Van_2010
      Van_2010 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Acabei de voltar desta sauna e os caras que trabalham la dentro adicionaram coisas na minha conta. O garçom, junto ao gerente, me acusaram de ter usado um quarto e pedido bebida e comida e sair sem pagar. UM ABSURDO!!!! Alem disso, um dos boys me empurrou. NAO VA A ESTE LOCAL. Just came back from this place - horror. Not only did the manager and the bartender acuse me of consuming a drink and renting a room, but also was pushed by one of the rent boys who work there. BECAREFUL - The´ll add stuff to your account and charge you extra. BETTER YET - DON´T GO THERE PERIOD!!!

    • nadadorSP
      nadadorSP Over a year ago
      Hates it

      just see lover boys...
      I don't like but if you want lover$ boy$ .. Go ahead!

    • Studulike
      Studulike Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Only if you must
      Having a 3 night stop in Sao Paulo it had to be tried. Dont bother unless you have to. 1st night negotiated with a boy, he asked for 100 rs I offered 70, he came back with 60.... Who wouldn't.... After a very mediocre performance I paid him and he started to complain. I just growled at him and waved my fists in front of all the other boys. He later came over and i am sure only to fe face and said he thought I had said 160.. Why would I say no to 100 and agree 160... All ended well. Revisited today and the cutes muscle boy was giving the eye. Eventually we spoke and he didn't want anything... Mmm suspicious. He then said he wanted a 3 some... Ok we try hooking up with a stunner but he was already booked and after a few failed attempts to agree on something I was leaviing, he then begs me not to go and appears with an ok guy. We agree after much discussion 100 reals for the body as there is two, of us. I reconfirm ( I travel a lot and know to be sure) that he wants nothing , he says it's ok the 100 is 50 / 50 with the other guy. We get the the suite, a term I use lightly and they get it on big style and I'm left on the borders. Cute guy gets fucked hard and furious but to his surprise when they had both cum I took over and cute muscle boy under great resistance got an even bigger dick up his hot ass..... Moral of the story is this place as well as having mouldy run down suites and for the best part less than average guys are taking the piss. Spend your money else where. In fact unless like me you have to come to sao paulo avoid it.

    • rmr
      rmr Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Be careful!
      This is, like many saunas in Brazil, a rent-boy place. I have had good experiences at many such places and they are actually decent places. Here I had a horrible experience though, being approached in the dark corner of a guy, whom I don´t know who he was, who started having sex with me, being proposed to have sex for 50 reals and when I refused and left one minute later he ran after me demanding 50 reals (something we had no agreement of, and he had not "delivered" anything more than one minute of marketing himself). The worst thing is that after trying to explain this to the manager, he urged this money, in a threatening way. I was told by another guest it would be most wise to pay, otherwise something dangerous could happen to me after leaving the sauna. What is normal in sauna like this is: 1 you make an agreement, 2 you get what you have agreed upon, 3 you pay the price agreed. 4 as a customer you don´t have to feel threatened by the establishment! Be careful about this place!!!

    • and_lider
      and_lider Over a year ago
      Hates it

      nice place
      Nice place, but I didn't see hot guys, the must are escorts.

    • jnkenan
      jnkenan Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Pretty Good
      A bit sleepy at times, so go during prime hours. Overall, a good experience.

    • eddwarm
      eddwarm Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Wonderful, low keyed sauna
      In 2006 I went to Termas Fragata and found it to be a low-keyed, kick-back type sauna. The personnel there were pleasant and accommodating, and the "boys" were hot! One guy toured me around, and while I viewed the decor and those who lounged, the hottest place was the shower area. As I passed I saw the guy that I wanted. Well, as it turned out, I did not get involved with anyone here because I was merely "checking it out" on the night that I was there. For a change in pace, and for a variety, I'd go here and make the better of it!